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Estimated Investment(in Crores)
1 chaas to ramgarh road project  Road Transport and Highways   chaas to ramgarh road project its a industries city boaro and ranchi link road project 1000
2 Transmission System for transfer of Power from Generation Projects in Sikkim to NR/ WR Part-B  Power   LILO of Teesta-III - Kishanganj 400KV D/C (Q) at Rangpo – 41 Ckm 1585.12
3 Rehabilitation and up-gradation of NH-32 from Rajganj to W.B Border under NHDP Phase IV- B in the State of Jharkhand.  Road Transport and Highways   Initially the project alignment was planned from Rajganj to W.B Border via Dhanbad, Mahda More. After detailed field studies and active fire Zone of Govindupur & Dhanbad. The revised alignment was finalized alignment starts from design Ch 0+000 Rajganj bypass of NH-02 (Design Ch. 390+867) and ends at Design Ch. 56+889 at W.B. Border. Now the Project Name has been renamed as “Rajgunj-Maheshpur-Bhurungia-Chas-W.B.Border”. The project alignment is divided into three sections which are as follows: The first section consists development of existing MDR from 2-lane to 4-lane up gradation with Footpath cum drain section at built up area from Rajgunj design Ch. 0+000 to ending point of Mahespur bypass design Ch. 18+800 (existing Ch. 31+835 of old NH-32 alignment). The section includes major re-alignments of length 1.500 Km at Rajbhitia of Rajganj & Govindpur and a Bypass (Maheshpur Bypass) of length 5.000 Km. The second section consists development of NH-32 from existing 2-lane to widening and up gradation 4-lane with Footpath cum drain section at built up area beginning from ending of Mahesh pur Bypass design Ch. 18+800 (existing Ch. 31+835) to Chas (Bokaro Steel city) design Ch. 37+750 (existing Ch. 59+490). The section includes major re-alignments of length 3.255 Km at Bhuringia, pipratand & Telmachu. The third section consists development and upgradation of exting NH-32 2-lane to widening and 2-lane with Paved shoulder from design Ch. 37+750 (existing Ch. 59+490) to design Ch. 56+889 (existing Ch. 70+560). The revised alignment follow through the routs Rajgung, Maheshpur, Bhurungia, Katras & Chas (Bokaro Steel city) and also crossing major river, . The project also involves crossing of Damodar river which involve construction of a major four lane bridges. The total design length of the project highway becomes 56+889 Kms from Rajganj to west Bengal Border. 1000
4 Two lane with paved shoulder of Chas – Ramgarh Section of NH-23 from Km. 0.000 to Km. 78.192 in the state of Jharkhand under NHDP Phase IV  Road Transport and Highways   Project Highway comprises the section of National Highway 23 commencing from Km 0+000 junction of NH-32 at Chas and Ends at Km 78+192 proposed Ramgarh Bypass of NH-33 in the State of Jharkhand. It is also includes 6.90 Kms long Chas bypass from proposed Chainage 0+000 to Ch. 6.900. The project highway NH-23 passes through so many towns/villages namely Chas, Bokaro, Balidih, Tand Balidih, Tand Mohanpur, Jaina More, Jeridih, Bandhdih, Krish, Nasa, Kocha Gonda, Kalyanpur, Dantu, Utamara, Lukaya, Pordag, Petarwar, Dundiyajora, Mangpur, Hupu, Khariyamara, Khuniyawa, Chhiturpur, Lari, Khothar, Paradih, Kaitha, Bazar Samaiti and Ramgarh. 1000
5 Six Laning of Augrangabad to Bihar - Jharkhand Border (Chordaha) Section of NH-2 from Km. 180.00 to Km. 249.320 in state of Bihar under NHDP phase v  Road Transport and Highways   The project consists development and widening of existing 4 – lane road to 6- lane road with improved facility for safer and faster uninterrupted movement of passenger and freight. The project starts form Aurangabad (Design Ch.1800+000) to Bihar - Jharkhad Bordar (Chordaha) (Design Ch.249+320) in the state of Bihar under NHDP Phase-V. The main objective for widening is to make The carriageway worthy, for 6-lane traffic which will help in reducing the traffic congestion as well as the capacity constraints on the existing NH-2 and also for minimizes accident, safety & ensure driving comforts. The project alignment is running through several villages (Madanpur, Amas, Sherghati, Dobhi Sobh, Barachatti & Bhaluachatti). The project alignment also crosses through of Morhar river , Buddha river (old river) & falgu river which involves construction of major Bridges , The project inlcudes one bypass (Maheshpur bypass) of length 2.894 km and a new 3-lane Flyover on R.H.S at sherghati .The project alignment also running through Gautam Buddha Sanctuary location from Desing Ch.242.000 to 249.320. The total length of the project is 69.58 km from Aurangabad to Bihar – Jharkhand Bordar (Chordaha) 1000
6 Dhaulpur Karauli Road Project  Road Transport and Highways   Dhaulpur to Karauli Road project for diversion of forest land 2000
7 Western Region Strengthening Scheme – V and Transmission System for connectivity of Essar Power Gujarat Limited  Power   WRSS-V: LILO of Lonikhand (MSEB) - Kalwa (MSEB) 400KV S/C line at Navi Mumbai – 16 Ckm Trans. System for connectivity of Essar Power: 400 KV D/C Essar - Bachau Line – 452 Ckm 1274.25
8 Transmission System for Phase-I Generation Projects in Jharkhand and West Bengal - Part - A2  Power   765KV S/C Gaya - Varanasi line – 273 Ckm 2422.66
9 North East - Northern/ Western Interconnector -I and Transmission System for immediate evacuation of Power from Lower Subhansiri HEP  Power   ±800kV HVDC BiswanathChariyali - Agra line – 3516 Ckm this line expected to be ready by July, 2015 400kV D/C Biswanath Chariyali – Lower Subansiri line-I & II 11130.19
10 Kishanganga HE Project (3X110MW)  Power   Kishanganga HE Project is located in Bandipora district of Jammu & Kashmir. It is a run off the river Project having installed capacity of 330MW and envisaged to generate 1350MU per year. 5497.72
11 JNPT connectivity Project  Road Transport and Highways   Widening of existing NH-4B (A1-E section from Km. 3.600 to Km. 27.270, D-G section from Km. 0.000 to km. 4.462) SH-54 (from Km. 5.300 to Km. 14.850) and Amra Marg (from Km. 0.000 to Km. 6.200) to 6/8 lanes on boundaries of proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport in the state of Maharashtra 2955
12 Southern Region Strenthening Scheme - XII, XIII & XIV  Power   SRSS-XII:- LILO of Neelamangla - Hoddy 400KV S/C line & LILO of Somanhally-Hoddy 400KV S/C line at Yelahanka – 34 Ckm SRSS-XIII:- 400kV D/c Madhugiri – Yelahanka line – 122 Ckm SRSS-XIV:- 400kV D/c Dharmapuri (Salem New) – Somanahalli – 244 Ckm 1066.62
13 Kundankulam – APP Transmission System  Power   400kV D/c Edamon (KSEB) – Muvattupuzha line – 297 Ckm 2159.07
14 Transmission System strengthening in Western part of WR for IPP Generation Projects in Chhatisgsrh - Part-D  Power   400KV D/C Aurangabad – Boisar line – 654 Ckm 2127.51
15 Common System Associated with Costal Energen Private Ltd and Ind-Barath Power Ltd. (LTOA) Gen. Proj. in Tuticorin area Part - B.  Power   765kV S/c Madhugiri – Dharmapuri line – 244 Ckm 1940.13
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