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S.No Project Name Ministry-Department Description Of Projects
(As furnished by the applicant)
Estimated Investment(in Crores)
1 JNPT connectivity Project  Road Transport and Highways   Widening of existing NH-4B (A1-E section from Km. 3.600 to Km. 27.270, D-G section from Km. 0.000 to km. 4.462) SH-54 (from Km. 5.300 to Km. 14.850) and Amra Marg (from Km. 0.000 to Km. 6.200) to 6/8 lanes on boundaries of proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport in the state of Maharashtra 2955
2 Transmission System for Phase-I Generation Projects in Orissa Part-C  Power   Gwalior - Jaipur 765 kV S/c Transmission Line - 311 Ckm 3105.51
3 Eastern Region Strengthening Scheme III  Power   400/ 220kV Daltonganj substation 1272.8
4 System Strengthening in North/ West part of WR for IPP Projects in Chhattisgarh Part-E  Power   Aurangabad - Padghe 765KV D/c line 570 ckm 2228.71
5 Transmission System associated with Mundra Ultra Mega Power Project  Power   Navsari Boisar 400kV D/c line 378 ckm 4824.12
6 Transmission System for Development of Pooling Station in Northern region Part of West Bengal and Transfer of Power from BHUTAN to NR/WR  Power   Punatsangchu-1 (Gen. Proj. in Bhutan) - Alipurduar line 400KV D/C (HTLS Cond.) Indian Portion 128 ckm 4404.57
7 Common System associated with East Coast Energy Pvt. Ltd and NCC Power Projects Ltd. LTOA Generation Projects in Srikakulam area - Part B  Power   Jharsuguda Dharamjayagarh 765kV D/c line 230ckm 2743
8 Transmission System for Phase-I Generation Projects in ORISSA- Part- A  Power   Angul Jharsuguda 765kV D/c line II 270 ckm 2348
9 Common System Associated with East Coast Energy Pvt. Ltd and NCC Power Projects Ltd. LTOA Gen. Proj. in Srikakulam -Part-A  Power   Srikakulam Pooling Station Angul 765kV D/c Transmission line 552 ckm 1909
10 VISHNUGAD PIPALKOTI HEP (444 MW)  Power   Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project (4x111 MW) is a run-of-the-river scheme. It envisages construction of a 65 M high concrete diversion dam harnessing a gross head of 237 M on river Alaknanda (a major tributary of river Ganga). The project is located in district Chamoli in the state of Uttarakhand, 225 km from Rishikesh on NH-58. 1.0 PROJECT BENEFITS Capacity addition of 444 MW in the Northern Region, reducing peaking power shortage in the region. Annual Energy Generation of 1674 MU (90% dependable year). Integrated Development of Chamoli / Garhwal region in the areas of employment, communication, education, health, tourism, development of Flora & Fauna etc. Out of 13% free power to the home state Uttarakhand, 1% shall be utilized for contribution towards local area development. 2491.59
11 Chhapra - Rewaghat - Muzaffarpur section  Road Transport and Highways   Chhapra - Rewaghat - Muzaffarpur section in the State of Bihar on NH-102 456.12
12 TRIPURA GAS BASED POWER PROJECT  Power   The EPC Contract of 101 MW TripuraGas Based Power Project, Monarchak, Tripura was awarded to BHEL on 23.07.2010 with completion period of 36 months as per PIB recommendation dated 23.07.2010. The investment approval was accorded at Rs. 623.44 crores (Nov 09 PL) vide 7/8/2009 HI, New Delhi Dated 23.02.2011. BHEL did not start the work for initial 10 months after award as they wanted to offload part of EPC to NBPPL, which NEEPCO could not agree. The matter was resolved after intervention of Ministry Of Power in May 2011. The Gas Turbine (65.42MW) was made ready in Sept 2013 but due to delay in supply of gas by ONGC, it could not be commissioned. On 03.02.2015, ONGC has commenced supply of gas to the project. The gas turbine was synchronised with grid on 11.03.2015 and full load operation was achieved on 30.03.2015. The Steam Turbine (35.58MW) works are in advanced stage of completion but some of the BOP works and power cycle piping works are progressing slow because of poor response from BHEL/ NBPPL. BHEL/NBPPL need to resolve all issues with their Vendors for immediate completion of the Project. The revised cost amounting to Rs 1007.68 crores at March 2015 PL has been formulated and being forwarded to CEA for scrutiny and approval. 1007.68
13 Six Laning of Bihar Jharkhand Border (Chordaha) to Barwa Adda section of NH-2 from Km. 249.320 to Km. 400.132 of NH-2 in the State of Jharkhand under NHDP Phase V.  Road Transport and Highways   The proposed six - laning comprises the section of NH-2 commencing from Km. 249.320 {Bihar Jharkhand Boarder (Chordaha)} to Km. 400.132 (BarwaAdda) in the State of Jharkhand. The total design length of the Project Highway is 152.015 Km. The Project includes Bagodar Bypass (Length-4.956 Km) & Rajganj Bypass (Length-3.001 Km), the total length of bypasses being 7.957 Km and Major Bridges such as Brakar Bridge, Surajkund Bridge etc. The Project also includes two new Flyovers at Chauparan (Design Ch: 264+202) & Barkattha (Design Ch: 309+075) and widening of existing Flyover at Barhi (Design Ch: 282+780) by adding one lane on each side. Both the existing ROBs at Design Ch: 281.840 & Ch: 358.118 have been proposed to be widened by adding two lanes on each side. NHAI intends to rejuvenate this high density corridor of NH-2 by widening the existing 4-lane road to 6-lane road with improved facility for safer and faster uninterrupted movement of passenger, minimize accident, ensure driving comforts and freight. The main objective for widening is to make the carriageway worthy for 6-lane traffic which will help in reducing the traffic congestion as well as the capacity constraints on the existing NH-2. The proposed alignment passes through several town / villages namely (Chordaha, Chauparan, Barhi, Panchmadhav, Kariyatpur, Barsot, Kosma, Barakatha, Gorhar, Atka, Bagodar, Aura, Kulgo, Ghanghari,Dumri, Nimiyaghat, Topchanchi , Ranjganj & Barwa Adda). 2593.04
14 Construction of New Greenfield Airport at Pakyong  Civil Aviation   Construction of new Airport 310
15 Delhi - Agra stretch  Road Transport and Highways   Delhi - Agra Stretch on NH-2 1928
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