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Estimated Investment(in Crores)
1 Six Laning of Bihar Jharkhand Border (Chordaha) to Barwa Adda section of NH-2 from Km. 249.320 to Km. 400.132 of NH-2 in the State of Jharkhand under NHDP Phase V.  Road Transport and Highways   The proposed six - laning comprises the section of NH-2 commencing from Km. 249.320 {Bihar Jharkhand Boarder (Chordaha)} to Km. 400.132 (BarwaAdda) in the State of Jharkhand. The total design length of the Project Highway is 152.015 Km. The Project includes Bagodar Bypass (Length-4.956 Km) & Rajganj Bypass (Length-3.001 Km), the total length of bypasses being 7.957 Km and Major Bridges such as Brakar Bridge, Surajkund Bridge etc. The Project also includes two new Flyovers at Chauparan (Design Ch: 264+202) & Barkattha (Design Ch: 309+075) and widening of existing Flyover at Barhi (Design Ch: 282+780) by adding one lane on each side. Both the existing ROBs at Design Ch: 281.840 & Ch: 358.118 have been proposed to be widened by adding two lanes on each side. NHAI intends to rejuvenate this high density corridor of NH-2 by widening the existing 4-lane road to 6-lane road with improved facility for safer and faster uninterrupted movement of passenger, minimize accident, ensure driving comforts and freight. The main objective for widening is to make the carriageway worthy for 6-lane traffic which will help in reducing the traffic congestion as well as the capacity constraints on the existing NH-2. The proposed alignment passes through several town / villages namely (Chordaha, Chauparan, Barhi, Panchmadhav, Kariyatpur, Barsot, Kosma, Barakatha, Gorhar, Atka, Bagodar, Aura, Kulgo, Ghanghari,Dumri, Nimiyaghat, Topchanchi , Ranjganj & Barwa Adda). 2593.04
2 Construction of New Greenfield Airport at Pakyong  Civil Aviation   Construction of new Airport 310
3 Delhi - Agra stretch  Road Transport and Highways   Delhi - Agra Stretch on NH-2 1928
4 Jorabat Shillong (Barapani)  Road Transport and Highways   Jorabat Shillong (Barapani) Section of NH-40 536
5 Bareilly-Sitarganj stretch  Road Transport and Highways   Bareilly-Sitarganj stretch on NH-74 279
6 Jatinga Junction to Harangajao section  Road Transport and Highways   Jatinga Junction to Harangajao section 333.83
7 Narimbanglo to Jatinga Junction section  Road Transport and Highways   Narimbanglo to Jatinga Junction section of NH-54 318.69
8 Lumding to Maibong Section  Road Transport and Highways   Lumding to Maibong Section of NH-54 225.33
9 Adequate Road Connectivity to Chennai and Ennore Port  Road Transport and Highways   Adequate Road Connectivity to Chennai and Ennore Port 253.47
10 Dindigul-Theni-Kumuli  Road Transport and Highways   Dindigul-Theni-Kumuli Section of NH-45E & 220 331.18
11 Tindivanam-Krishnagiri  Road Transport and Highways   Tindivanam-Krishnagiri Section of NH-66 624.2
12 Chennai-Tada  Road Transport and Highways   Chennai-Tada Section of NH-5 418.75
13 Tirupathi Tiruttani Chennai  Road Transport and Highways   Tirupathi Tiruttani Chennai Section of NH-205 571
14 Uniara-Nainwa-Jahajpur-Shahpura-Gulabpura Section  Road Transport and Highways   Uniara-Nainwa-Jahajpur-Shahpura-Gulabpura Section of NH-148D 717.25
15 Bhilwara Ladpura section  Road Transport and Highways   Bhilwara Ladpura section ofNH-758 353.42
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